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Why choose Momentum Sprint?
  • Who and what is Momentum Sprint for?
  • What can we do for your organisation?
  • Is your challenge suitable for Momentum Sprint?

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The method we use for Momentum Sprint is open source.
We share it with you to make Momentum Sprint available at any budget.
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step 3
momentum sprint
Lay out the project by finding out what your big ambition is, create a strategic roadmap and end with a two week plan for the first steps
8 hours
step 4
retro sprint
Tackle unexpected issues in the first steps
4 hours
step 5
retro sprint
Iterate on your action plan and communicate achievements
4 hours
What people say about us
"Tini Studio immediately helped us hit the core through the momentum sprint. It is great for us as a team that we are being pushed in the right direction. Where we are kept on the road as 3 unguided missiles. We are very happy and helped enormously with the outcome of the sessions."

- Laurens Vriens, Online Marketing Specialist, Scherp Online
"Samen met Chiara, Jorien en Dick hebben we een uitdaging weten bloot te leggen waar we als bedrijf vaak tegenaan lopen. Door een gestructureerde manier van aanpak, de juiste vragen stellen en goede methodieken hebben we gezamenlijk deze uitdaging uit kunnen diepen. Het resultaat: een actieplan waar we direct mee aan de slag kunnen."

- Ber Haest, Online marketing specialist, Scherp Online
"Unjudgemental, open and practical approach in improving business focus and strategy."

- Ivo van Reij, Ecopreneur, BioRey
"Filled with tools and empathy, Tini Studio guided us and showed us why we do what we do every day."

- Ana Maria Duursma, Quality Assurance, BioRey
"Tini Studio guided us to a mindset for iterative change that helped us to get a bird's-eye view on our potential impact on the world and the actions we need to take to get there."

- Quirein van den Ingh, co-founder & CEO of Adabt B.V.
"By iterating with tini studio we were able to re-think what we are currently doing and what we are going to do in near future in clearer way."

- Mohammad Hassan Abbasi, Lead full-stack developer, Adabt B.V
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  • Tailored Sprint to your needs
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Our multi-disciplinary team
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Consultant Dick Rennings and facilitator Chiara Treglia
Sustainability consultant Jorien Hendrikx